Thursday Toast Time – A Toast To Infinity Lighting!

The key ingredients to a stellar event are simple:
“We feel that good design surrounded by good people create a great event,” Steve Shanahan, the owner of lighting and audio-visual production company, Infinity Lighting, said. “We create the experience [customers] are looking for and then hire the right people to execute it.”
Steve’s refreshing, no-frills attitude embraces practicality.
“The devil’s in the details,” he said.

But don’t confuse simplicity with unoriginality or blasé settings. The beauty of Infinity Lighting is the company’s ability to create stunning set-ups stripped of unnecessary costs or hassle‚Äîwhich makes you, and your wallet, very happy.

“The options we provide clients are cost-effective solutions that look and feel bigger than the budget,” Steve said.
Infinity Lighting integrates lighting and audio-visual elements to produce events that are perfectly intertwined. The ability to seamlessly blend the two generates an atmosphere so similar to reality; guests may not be able to tell the difference.
Take a corporate event the business produced for a company from Kansas City. The theme: baseball. The setting: the 1985 World Series (the only year the Royals have won.) Guests walk in and find carnival booths with fast pitch baseball and bars with plasma TVs screening World Series games; simulating the ambiance of an old ball field with a dash of the carnivalesque. To consummate the experience, Infinity Lighting permeated the background with sounds familiar to fans of the game.

“We created a soundscape‚Äîyou could hear the roar of the crowd, the hitting of balls. It was almost like walking into a ball park with the game already in motion,” Steve said.

These elements mixed with a live jazz band to create a relaxed, welcoming event, which was the company’s intent. This guides Infinity Lighting’s production decisions. Steve clarifies that he and his team look at a company’s desired end result when choosing the lighting and audio-visual components.

“If they want everyone to be relaxed and enjoy themselves, then we do more open air. It’s not as close-minded. We don’t keep them in one area; we expand and move around,” he said.

Infinity Lighting adapts to each event’s goal. For instance, when that same company hired them for a gala, Infinity Lighting simulated a starkly different atmosphere.

“It was a closing event. We set it up to be … like an awards style show,” Steve explained. “We had screens and music to play on and play off much like the Academy awards. It was a ceremony with a formal tone; there wasn’t a lot of humor.”

This versatility proves Infinity Lighting keeps its clients’ wants as their primary focus.

“We go through the process of asking them what atmosphere and mood they’re trying to create, whether it’s ‚Äòfun,’ ‚Äòclassy,’ or a gala, and we try to scope the proposal around the concepts that they have, the feeling they want to have,” Steve said.

As he mentioned earlier, this is true no matter how much you can afford to spend.

“We pride ourselves in the ability to create a great affair for different budget levels,” Steve said. “The bigger the budget, the more we can do, but we can still get a bang for [a client’s] buck.”

The innovative quality of their productions speaks for itself. Steve divulges his favorite event was a large sales conference in which Infinity Lighting partnered with Terminex for a boxing theme TKO (Terminex- KO). The event celebrated the results of a yearlong sales contest amongst Terminex teams all over the U.S.

“It all culminated with this grand event. We made a gym at a university look and feel just like a Vegas-style boxing ring,” Steve said.

The event had a professional announcer, overhead lighting, a tunnel and video, which Infinity Lighting spent months designing.

“Everything about it made it look and feel like guests were watching a live boxing event,” he said.

To top it off, Infinity Lighting has an expertise uncommon to most lighting and audio-visual production companies—DJing.

“We have a great mix of DJs that can do a lot of versatile things,” Steve said.

For instance, Infinity Lighting has access to video DJs, which Steve explains is a “hot new trend” where DJs mix their videos and music to play on left and right screens. They create funny interludes and add movie clips to create the show.

“It’s an experience‚Äîmore a show than a club,” Steve said.

So, let’s review: what do you get when you mix good people, good design, a knack for combing lighting with audio, access to the best DJs in Orange County, and a practical budget?

An event your friends and co-workers won’t be able to stop talking about!

* Added bonus: if you’re just as obsessed with their work as we are, and you’re looking to tie the knot, check out Infinity Lighting’s sister company, Honored Occasions. It specializes in providing gorgeous lighting tailored to your wedding. Enjoy.