Thursday Toast Time! A Toast to Jenny B Floral Designs

Jenny B starts every morning with a prayer. She thanks God for blessing her business, Jenny B Floral Design. She thanks Him for having work. She prays for strength.

“I couldn’t do what I’m doing on my own. I’m fortunate and very blessed, and [prayer] keeps me sane and focused,” Jenny B said.

It’s peak season for her gorgeous couture floral service, and business is blooming. Jenny B catered six events just last weekend: four weddings and two showers (pictures from one coming soon!). The rest of this month’s calendar looks similarly packed.

That’s no coincidence‚Äîwith her simple, romantic designs tailored perfectly to each bride’s individual tastes, Jenny captures that fairytale-quality every girl secretly dreams about for her wedding.
“I have a good eye for color, and I know my flowers. I’ve been in business for eight years; I know what’s in season, how to work within budgets, and I’m easy to work with,” Jenny said.
After spending eight years in pharmaceutical sales, Jenny finally quit her job and decided to pursue her passion for flowers. She honed her skills under the legendary Phil Rulloda, and started Jenny B. Floral Designs out of her garage.

She knew she wanted to do weddings and event work, but she pictured a part-time job as a stay-at-home mom, with two wedding gigs per month.

Thank goodness things didn’t go exactly as planned. Two studios, eight years, and a strong team of co-workers later, her business is growing with each event.

“That’s what I like to do‚ÄîI take one project from start to finish, starting with the client, the vision, the creating and the executing,” Jenny said.

When her brides come in for their meetings, she strives to make the experience as pleasant as possible.

“I’m super flexible with changing stuff along the way. Not every bride has her mind made up from the beginning,” Jenny said. “We make the experience really easy-going for our brides because it’s a stressful time, and we work with them the best we can.”

Jenny misses no detail. She follows a template: bouquet, boutonniere, personal flowers, cake, venue, reception, and she accommodates every budget—from the simple to the extravagant.

“Depending on the venue, the sky is the limit,” Jenny said. “We work with clients who have ‚Äòx’ amount of money to spend and help them come up with something creative for how much they have to spend.”

This remarkable dedication to her clients spills over to her co-workers and her family. She couldn’t emphasize enough how important her team is in setting her business apart and making each event a beautiful success.

“I have a head designer, Cynthia, and she is my saving grace. I couldn’t do my business without her; she’s a huge support and manages the shop when I’m not there,” Jenny said. “[I also have] great designers, guys and girls who are an awesome, solid team. They’re behind the scenes‚ÄîI put everything together [as far as] the vision and the buying, but making the arrangements is a huge piece and they’re awesome at that‚Äîthat’s the most important thing,” Jenny said.

The mother of two has been married for eight years, and her love for all things family comes through in her favorite types of weddings to design.

“I love Martha Stewart in the backyard, all pink, where the family’s getting ready at the house; it’s just more comfy,” she said.

We don’t have to tell you Jenny’s got it all intertwined‚Äîpassion, family, work. The best part about it? She devotes it all to make your wedding blossom.

Oh, and insider tip: She’s digging succulents, fruit, and ranunculas right now.