Thursday Toast Time – A Toast To Krista Mason Photography!

We asked, and you answered. Last week we wanted your feedback on some of the best in the biz‚Äîand you led us to the gorgeous work of Krista Mason, a five-year business owner/photographer of Krista Mason Photography. Here’s her story:

When she was 15-years-old, Krista knew what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. Forgoing the cliché first job prototype of blending cookie dough blizzards at Dairy Queen or sacking groceries at Safeway, Krista called local photography studios. As soon as she landed a position as an assistant to a portrait and wedding studio, she knew she wanted to stay in photography. As soon as she assisted her first wedding, she knew that’s where she was meant to be. Years later, Krista Mason Photography was born.

“I went to school for it, and I’ve never regretted it,” Krista said.

Her passion for taking “pretty pictures”‚Äîas she coyly puts it‚Äîis evident in the way she captures a bride’s demure elegance in her gown before the groom sees her, the Lakers’ fan groom’s purple shoes, the bride and groom busting a move on the dance floor. What sets her apart?

“Being able to capture that true emotion of the couple‚Äîlaughter, romance, or whatever connection they have‚Äîand guiding them in the lighting and the right direction to make them look as best they can,” she said.

Krista grasps this emotion so well because of the relationship she has with her clients. This relationship starts when the couple comes in or calls in for a consultation and continues all the way through the engagement session, the wedding day, and even after—when she invites them as friends to holiday parties.

“I love the connection I make with everyone and my clients,” she said. “We joke around and have a good time. I pry into their life without actually prying into their life,” she jests.

And this connection is crucial in easing big day jitters. For couples that tend to succumb quicker to their nerves, Krista knows how to make them laugh and does “whatever it takes” to make them relax‚Äîeven if it’s with an extra glass of champagne.

“My bride in Cabo, was kind of nervous, so we made her take a tequila shot,” Krista laughs. “She said it helped. But it doesn’t work for every couple; some couples don’t drink.”

No matter what, Krista’s number one focus is making her bride and groom look and feel beautiful the moment they become intertwined and all the moments in between.

“I capture the true essence of who they are which will always have them looking great,” she said.

Luckily for us, she figured that out when she was 15 and the rest is beautiful wedding photography!