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Planning a Bridal Shower on top of a wedding can be a daunting task. But fear not, Intertwined Eventsand Becky Hill Photography have some tips and tricks to help you plan the perfect Bridal Shower!

The Bridal Shower should be one to two months prior to the wedding and should be planned well before that to allow for adequate preparation and minimum stress. The Shower is typically planned by the maid of honor or a bridesmaid, and the bride is typically called upon to help secure details. The bride-to-be should have input on the location or venue of her shower. She may have a special place that she would like it such as a hotel, gallery, or picnic area!She should also assist with the guest list. Beyond that, the bridal party is responsible for treating her to a wonderful day!

One of the first steps to take is establishing a budget. The budget will set the boundaries for the entire event given that the host typically covers the expenses with a little help from the bride’s family for invitations.

Second, you must decide who to invite, whether it be a ‚Äògirls only,’ family orcouple’s shower (tip: Let the bride choose!). Remember that anyone who is invited to the Shower should be invited to the wedding! And keep the activities appropriate if grandma and mother-in-law are present! (Hint: Save the lingerie and penis straws for the bachelorette party!)

The third step is deciding on a theme and decorations. The theme should speak to the couple; if they are laid back, do a casual beach theme, or if they enjoy the finer things in life, plan a Hollywood Glam day! After determining the theme, you can decide on invitations, sweets and treats that fit the overall feel for the Bridal Shower!

Fourth, you will need to decide on a menu. The menu should reflect the theme, location, time of day, and people who will be attending. The menu does not need to include a full meal, but it can include appetizers and desserts! We think a signature drink is always a fun addition!

Lastly, you should decide on what the guests will do at the Shower. Whether it is a simple get together or a game-filled event; choose something that the bride and her guests will love! Be creative in your activities, make them interesting, enjoyable and personal. And don’t forget you can always bring in professional help – amobile spa, photo booth or street artist can definitely add colorful entertainment-if games aren’t on the agenda.

When it comes down to it, if you have any questions while planning the Bridal Shower, you should simply ask the bride. Chances are that she has been looking forward to her Shower for a while now and has a lot of ideas that can direct you to plan an event she will truly love and cherish!

The Bridal Shower is meant to be a joyous and relaxing time for the bride-to-be and her friends and family. With that in mind, the main goal for a Bridal Shower should be to get the group excited with anticipation for the up coming Big Day!

Happy Planning!

The Ladies of Intertwined Events and Becky Hill Photography

Photo Credit: Becky Hill Photography