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If you are new to being a bridesmaid, or if you are not confident you have been the best you can be Intertwined Eventsand Becky Hill Photography have some tips and tricks to help you become an all-star bridesmaid!

Golden Rule: Shut up, smile, and wear whatever dress the bride’s heart desires! We’re kidding…but only partially! The trick to being an amazing bridesmaid is to acknowledge what an honor it is to be chosen to be bythe side of thebride-to-be in the biggest time in her life. Being a great bridesmaid may be a daunting task, but the bride will never forget that you were there in her time of need to help sooth her nerves and stresses and celebrate the joy and love!

Becky Hill Photography

Powerhouse bridesmaids have to be VERY flexible with their schedules; whether the bride wants your input on flowers, décor, dresses, makeup, hair, or shoes you should be available for various appointments and shopping trips. As bridesmaid, if you canoffer to take over evenone planning aspect of the weddingit can be extremely helpful, but once you take it on, you must see it all the way to completion and respect the wants and tastes of the bride (which may not be your own!). Assisting in the little stuff can make a huge difference, too; ask the bride when the wedding invitations are arriving, and plan an addressing and stamping ‚Äòparty’ to get the job done in an efficient and fun manner! Also, picking up some last minute errands can be a nice way to relieve the bride’s stress.

The day of the wedding, be sure to offer the bridestaples throughout the event,snacks, beverages,lip gloss, a chance to escapeto the bathroom for a minute to laugh and breathe! This will ensure a relaxed and happybride (and friend!). Also, if you see something that needs to be done, ask and then handle; this shows the bride she can count on youtohonor her wishes and to help make it come true!

A killer bridesmaid will make sure that the bride is able to have a second alone before she takes her trip down the aisle so that she is able to calm down and de-stress! During the wedding, know what the bride is drinking, and replenish her glass, because it is very rare that she will be able to make it all the way to the bar! Also, have fun and be social during the reception; that way the bride does not have to worry that you are having a good time! (Yes, we are giving you permission to dance with the cute groomsmen you have been eyeing since the engagement party!!)

Becky Hill Photography

After the wedding, make last minute checks to ensure that the bride and bridal partydid not leave anything behind or under a table!

Lastly, have fun! Enjoy and celebrate in your friend’s happiness – that is all she wants and more!

Through being a supportive and helpful bridesmaid, you are honoring your friendship with the bride – the entire reason she chose you to be one of the women that stood by her as witness to her most important commitment and milestone in life thus far!WOW!

Let us know if you have questions or concerns – we are here to help and know you will be great!


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