Tips & Tricks from Intertwined Events & Becky Hill Photography

When planning your wedding, it can feel like a delicate dance between you and your family members while you try to include them in the process,while staying true to what you want foryour special day. Intertwined Events and Becky Hill Photography have some tip and tricks to include the family in the planning process without loosing your mind (or a family member!)

To start, your family is as excited for your wedding day as you are — keep this in mind and celebratein the excitement with them!

In order to involve your family most effectively, pick specific tasks that each member would not only enjoy beinga part of but would also be good at!For example, if your brother loves cars, take him with you to decide on which vehicle will be best for your wedding day transportation needs.Its always a nice idea to involve your mother and future mother-in-law in small, but important matters that encourage bonding. For example, have a small “Addressing Party” in which all three of youcan have appetizers and drinks and label your wedding initiations. You will find easy laughter and bonding through an event like this!

We like to stress over-communication in all matters of the heart, family and wedding! As a couple, we encourage you to shareyour wants and wishes with all of yourimmediate familymembers. Mostmisunderstandingscan be avoidedby keeping everyone in the know. Thiswill mitigate any chance that a family memberhas the wrong expectations or believes you may be keeping them out of the process, dilibrately.

Lastly, it never hurts to ask. Some family members will be just fine if you dont include them in every last detail. Others might really want to be involved with your DIY projects but shut down if a spreadsheet is involved. Dont force anything but offer opportunities for them to be engaged and a part of this momentous time in your life.

Always remember they love you and want the very best for you. But dont be afraid to let them know (politely) what you want. It is your day and you should love every moment of it from spending time with family and friends to selecting colors and songs!

Have a blast and create lifelong memories with your family in the process!


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