Tricks of the Trade: Negotiating?

We were recently asked by a couple, how to negotiate with vendors to get the best deal for services. While, as a wedding vendor ourselves, this is a tricky topic for us. I have never quite understood why people dont ever negotiate the price of a diet coke at McDonalds – they just understandit to be a fixed cost, but will negotiate the price for a DJ or Photographer. While we all respectyour budget and know you need to stay with in your means, be sure not to haggle for the sake of doing so.

Here is our advice for our to work with vendors to get the best price for you and to ensure they are compensated fairly as well:

BE UPFRONT! Negotiating begins with honesty and respect for the vendors you are working with. Explain that while you love their work and would want nothing more than to work wtih them you cannot spend more than $__ and you know that it has to make sense for them and their business as well.

COMPROMISE! They are professionals and expertsin their feildso ask them to help you find budget friendly alternatives to give you a look you love for less whether that is a less expensive flower, a different photography package, less props, or a coordinator that already has the right connections with vendors that can find you savings you may not know are there

RESPECT! Do not haggle a price just to do so. You are not at a fleamarket. Do your homework so you know fair market value – it is wise to shop around and receive a few quotes and packages to get the most for your money, or to find the vendor that suits your personality or style the best, but it is not ok to squabble with a vendor over a couple hundred dollars just to say you did it. This will leave you both with a bad taste in your mouth and that is not how you want your vendors to think of you as a client, nor how you want to be treated on your most special day.

FOCUS! Spend where it matters the most – use your dollars wisely. Our tip…Your pictures will last you the rest of your life so please invest well in your photography. But you may not need to spend $10,000 to find an incredibledress that makes you feel like the bell of the ball.

In the industry? Or an engaged couple? We would love to hear both your thoughts on this!

Dream Big.

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