We are loving the trend of mismatched bridesmaids dresses! It adds a fun flair that can really enhance pictures and the wedding mood,overall.

However, there are different ways to get this look:

  • First, stay with the same color family but useuse different shadesto achieve a mismatched but cohesive style
  • Second, same color and fabric, but usedifferent styles of dresses- this allowsbridesmaids to find the most flattering style
  • Third, same dress/color different accessories (shoes, statement necklace, etc)- we like this lookas it allows your bridesmaids style to shine
  • Lastly, free-for-all, this is when you tell your bridesmaids a color/two colors and they can pick out whatever they love – this is a fun look for a less formal wedding!

Mismatching bridesmaids can also be a fun way to differentiate family members in your bridal party or your maid of honor! For successful mismatched bridesmaids, just be sure their is at leastone cohesive factor (color family, fabric, style, etc) to ensure modern does not become a mess.

Take a look at our Tuesday Trends Pinterest Board for more ideas!


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