Twitter…I AM A BELIEVER!!!!

I have always been the event planner at Intertwined…I plan corporate meetings, special events, weddings, family gatherings, showers, etc. If it needs a planner, I’m there! As far as the social media world, I have always been a few steps back. Once I met M. and learned about the existence of this social media world, I went back and forth in my head about the purpose of it, what it should and shouldn’t be used for, if it’s worth the time and effort, etc…Basically, I wasn’t a believer. That is, until Today!

Today, I spent a couple hours with M. going over all the hidden secrets of social media – there is SO much you can do with social media. You can learn A LOT out there about your industry as well as communicate and share your knowledge of your industry and services!! Now when someone asks me if it’s worth it for you, or your business, to join the social media world I can’t help but jump up and down, “YES, YES, YES!!!!”

I think this blog bost gives great tips on how to use Twitter and Blogging to your full advantage: 5 Tool Player.

And if you were like me and wanted a basic run down of Twitter, how to use it and WHY you should use it, Read This Post!

It’s all about sharing resources in the Twitterverse and I hope that’s what I can do for you here!!

Continue to Elevate (And Tweet!),