Weddings have been a tradition of many cultures since predated history. Here at Intertwined we are curious to see what traditions have changed or withstood the test of time. In this new series we will be reminiscing past weddings and seeing the resemblance to trends of today!

After celebrating Memorial Day, we want to take the time to celebrate those women who have been behind our soldiers, then and now. These women first became recognized in WWI and WWII and are still to be recognized today with our current war. We want to thank these women for their courage and commend them on their strength.

In 1919, when Margaret Natalie Wollen married Walter Harvie Robinson, she wore a dress that she had made herself. After WWI, wedding material was very scarce and her dress was made of tussore silk, which had a floating silver lace panels down the sides, and inserted around the neckline and bodice. Today, we are thankful that brides no longer have to worry about the scarcity of wedding materials, but rather are faced with options from every price point!

Thank you to all those in the military, serving our country! And thank you to all their families who support them and sacrifice for us!


The Ladies of Intertwined Events