Wedding Wednesday: A Love Note!

You could not have asked for a more perfect wedding day. 75 and sunny outside. The venue dazzled your guests. Dad walked you down the aisle. You exchanged vows. Only cried once, and your mascara didn’t run. Afterwards, you toasted champagne, cut the cake, tossed your bouquet, and boogied on the dance floor before driving off into the sunset with your newly betrothed.

You’re finally done, right? We think there’s one last little, but crucial aspect‚Äîone that’s too often overlooked: a thank-you note to the one you love, the one you just agreed to spend the rest of your life with through sickness in health, til death do you part. Talk about minor details.

Inspired by Urbanic’s adorably whimsical stationery at the amazing Hitched event we attended in Culver City’s Smog Shoppe, a handwritten note shows your new hubby how much you love him, after your big moment. Whether you slip it in his suitcase to surprise him before your honeymoon or tuck it next to the pancakes on your breakfast-in-bed tray, a handwritten note reaffirms how excited you are to spend your life with him.

It’s the perfect way to top off your wedding day and start your marriage.

Dream Big.