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Calligraphy can be one of the most overlooked aspects of designing invitations, but there is something so elegant, graceful, and simply beautiful to calligraphy! You may think that calligraphy is reserved for only the most high-style and formal weddings, but that is not the case! Calligraphy adds a personal touch and caninstantlyhighlight the style of your wedding!

In order to speak to your specific wedding, you should take much care in deciding what style of calligraphy is right for you! There are many styles to consider! Italics – the most popular and widely used, the letters slant slightly, this adds a little flair, but still is easily legible. Copperplate is a type of calligraphy that is done through the use of different pressures, creating thick and thin lines, using hand-dipped ink; this style is by far the most difficult and expensive due to the slow nature of the writing. Gothic is created with heavy strokes and is more widely used for themed or period weddings. Uncial is a round calligraphy with all capital lettering that are around the same height and width, this style tends to be used in Irish weddings. Roman style is the least formal with its capitals much taller than its lower-case, this calligraphy is used most often for showers. Spencerian is ornate and very flourished, this style is created with a thin, fine tipped pen, however spencerian has no set alphabet for calligraphers to follow. And finally, London is meant to look like a printed typeface, it is considered classic and formal, but can be done with or without loops.

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Although calligraphy is most traditionally used on invitations, consider taking it one step further! Add beautiful calligraphy to your escort cards, table numbersand menus! This will take your reception to the next level of sophistication and create a style that is all yours andflows fromthrough your wedding from invitation to reception!

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