Your wedding party is comprised of the very special people in your life that you just couldn’t imagine getting married without them by your side. This is exactly why we love the idea of asking your wedding party in a special, thoughtful way!

Asking your wedding party can be very low-key, simply asking them in person; but doing something original and unique can show your wedding party just how much they mean to you.

An easy and creative way to ask is with different DIY or printable templates. This makes even asking your wedding party witha cardmore thoughtful and personal! For groomsmen, the beer label printables are super fun! Or even having a nice luncheon with all your potential wedding party and ‚Äòpopping the question’ is a fun way to start off the celebration!

If you want to be more elaborate, wedding party boxes/survival kits are amazing gifts! Filling them with a card, photos, and wedding party essentials like pens, measurement forms, sweet treats, ect. lends itself toasking out-of-state friends! These boxes can be mailed, or presented to the wedding party at the engagement party!

How did you ask your friends to be in your wedding?


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