Wedding Wednesday: DIY Gifts!

There’s just something about this time of year. The holidays are fast approaching, thoughts of turkey and stuffing and Black Friday are on our minds, and the spirit of giving is palpably irresistible. When I think back to some of the favorite gifts I’ve ever received (or given!), the ones that come to mind are those that were handmade or particularly thoughtful‚Äîthe Christmas ornament I gave my mom in second grade or the USC tie blanket Mandi made me for my Birthday/Christmas gift!

Why scrap this creativity when picking out a gift for your favorite bride or groom? In the spirit of spreading good tidings and cheer to those upcoming holiday weddings, we love Creature Comfort’s just-released Gifted magazine. The online magazine gives crafty ideas and DIY gifts tailored to the holiday season‚Äîones that are perfect for your best friend’s wedding. (Ok, you all know how I feel about DIY, but really these are great and “doable” gift ideas!)
The oohing and ahhing you’re sure to receive will make the extra time you spend with snipping worth it. Much better than simply swiping a credit card.
Dream Big.