Wedding Wednesday: From Color Scheme to Meaningful Wedding Theme

Trying to determine the perfect palette for an event can be a struggle. Luckily, we are seeing a creative and wonderful movement away from solely color schemes toward event themes. Allow us to help you discover the perfect theme for your celebration that is sure to elicit just the right colors and, well, everything else you need for your shining moment!

The Color Scheme Dilemma

So many brides get stuck on picking just the right colors for their big day. Should they go with an array of hues or one staple color? Should they pick a neutral and then add a dramatic color for that wow factor? Do their two favorite colors even go together? Worse yet, does the color scheme work with the venue?

Big Picture Thinking

We recommend, and are seeing quite a few event planners and designers moving to this ideal‚Äîfocusing on the big picture. What feeling do you want the event to have? Instead of everything be centered primarily on the color choice, what if it was centered on a general theme – an important symbol or idea that all the guests will relate to the couple and their love for years to come. This will not only assist in color choices but stationery and font types, floral designs, fashion style, entertainment…the list is endless. Choosing a theme will give focus to the whole celebration and make choosing between A or B a matter of what works best with the theme. How simple, consistent and lovely!

How to find a theme

Focus on what matters! Rather than searching through all the colors of the rainbow, we advise our happy couples to find a theme that makes them even happier. Where did they first meet? What is their favorite music, movie, dessert, or pastime? What is truly unique and special about their love? Allow those answers to bring you to something that resonates. What makes you smile just talking about it…if you are smiling now, there is a guarantee you will be glowing if this idea is incorporated throughout the big day.

What makes a theme

Décor, flowers, music choice and yes, even color scheme can transform an event from a room with a reoccurring color to a work of art that has the essence of the chosen theme woven throughout. But, there is such a thing as too much. Don’t crossover into cheesy; keep it simple by adding small details here and there that will make the guests say, “Wow, they thought of everything” or “How clever is that.”

Themes can come from all types of elements such as a custom wedding monogram, the use of a symbol or image throughout the wedding (anchor, star, etc.), to a pattern which is truly reflective of today’s times.

Examples we love

Courtney Toney of Joyful Weddings and Events helped her couple incorporate all the girly, elegance she could imagine into their wedding using three staple elements: pearls, lace and pink. She incorporated it everywhere from the altar, to the serving platters to the votive candle accents; no detail went untouched.

At Intertwined we worked with a couple to incorporate their two cultures in a combination that was modern, while also complementing the rich traditions of both families. They used red as their color to infuse both the Mexican and Chinese culture, while also adding elements that were true to each person’s background: catholic ceremony, Chinese tea ceremony, and inspired favors.

And then of course, the lady who does it best, Amy Atlas. She takes any theme and creates dessert bars that are unmatched in creativity, design and uniqueness! In this particular dessert bar, she incorporated zebra print, with a neon twist. From the signage, to the displays, to the desserts itself, the pattern is repeated and used consistently to brand the table and incorporate a theme you won’t soon forget!

We hope this brings you from a color scheme to a meaningful wedding theme!

The Intertwined Team