Your bridal party is extremely important to you and your special day; they have most likely been slaving over perfect shoes, hair, makeup, accessories, ect. for your Big Day and now it is time to show them a little love! To pick the perfect bridal party gift, pleaseconsider what you actually want to give your best friends and what they would like to receive, not necessarily what is inexpensive, easy or traditional!

For example, we love the bridesmaids or friendship necklaces from Dogeared; these necklaces are subtle, beautiful, and can be worn long after your wedding as a token of your appreciation.

You could give your bridal party each a beautiful tote or new makeup bag with their names or initials embroidered on them filled with wedding day essentials: flip-flops, chapstick, lip gloss, moisturizer, granola bars, mints, etc.!

For a unique experience, plan a girls day at the spa as your bridesmaid gift; you all can have a fun day together relaxing and getting even morebeautiful!

Also, there is always the traditional ‚Äòbridesmaid’s tees, but add a funky twist, like putting a funny nick-name on the back! Whatever you do, be sure to include a handwritten, personal note to each of your bridal party expressing your appreciation and affection for them! These women have made your day so special, be sure to thank them!

What will you be getting your bridesmaids?


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