Wedding Wednesday: Keeping it Budget Savvy for your Bridal Party!

When your closest friends and family agree to be in your bridal party it is not just saying yes, I would love to help you celebrate your wedding, its making a financial commitment to do so as well. From clothing to presents, to parties and travel, being a member of a bridal party can add up very quickly. Here are 4 tips from Intertwined Weddingsto keep the costs low but the affair top notch for your beloved bridal party:

1. Presence is the Present – While we understand this is a time to celebrate, the many pre-parties and gifts can add up quick. Insist to your bridal party that being with them through the experience is the greatest gift they can give and to keep all other gifts at the store.

2. “What’s do the dresses look like and how much?” – The dreaded bridal party question! Even with the best intentions, it’s very rare that brides actually chose dresses that will be worn after the big day. With that in mind, it’s hard to justify selecting an expensive dress. Work with a bridal shop or designer to see if they will give you a discount for purchasing multiple dresses at a time or if they will be having any seasonal sales that will help save on costs. Let bridesmaids pick their own shoes but give them a color or style so the look still works! This will allow your friends to shop within their means! (Groomsmen – most tux rental shops will offer wonderful discounts for multiple rentals.)

3. Gifts Do Double Duty – if you would like your bridal party to all have a coordinating accessory, instead of requesting that they purchase it for the wedding day, this can be your thank you gift to them – earrings, clutch, cufflinks, shoes – and these items may actually get worn again!

4. Be Understanding and Grateful– your friends are so excited to celebrate your wedding but just may not have the means to do so the way you expected, or may have done or would do for them. Be happy with their efforts ifthey decided to pool their resources and get you one nicer gift from your registry rather than just the napkin rings!

Love is in the air – let it (not budget woes) take front stage!

Have you been a bridesmaid and appreciated something the bride did to help save you costs on the event? Let us know!

Dream Big.
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