Wedding Wednesday: Make a Weekend of It!

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What could be better than your special day?…Your special WEEKEND, of course! Weddings do not just need to be a day or a night, they can take up a full weekend with fun activities and events for your guest, especially if it is a destination wedding.

For a destination wedding where the guests will be arriving at various times, arrange a few activities during the day such as snorkeling, kayaking, or a day beach trip. You can also set up a fishing or golf trip for the gentlemen and a spa day for the ladies in order to get you all ready and relaxed for the wedding! A sunset cruise or wine tasting would be a fun way to incorporate the beautiful surroundings and gather everyone together!

If your wedding is in your hometown, do a morning hike to a beautiful viewpoint or go cheer on your home team at a local sporting event with your guests. You can arrange for a ‚Äòlocals-favorites’ pub crawl that takes your guest to all of your favorite bars and restaurants! Or have a picnic with lawn games! By providing a weekend of activities, you will be able to give your guests a taste of who you are as a couple!

Weekend activities are a great way to get your guest together ahead of time, have them enjoy a weekend getaway, and have them mingle with your other guests before the wedding! Before your wedding, simply send out a list of activities and let people know that they are more than welcome to join you!

Dream Big.