Wedding Wednesday: Oh My Garter!

Before you say that tying some fabric around your leg and then letting your new husband toss it into a crowd of cowering single males is just not for you… Wait until you see these amazing creations from Bleu Garters. Its like jewelry for your leg!

Even better, they can customize your garter to match your dress, theme or even incorporate fabrics or materials (your great grandmother’s broach perhaps or your mothers pearls) to put a new twist on “something old, something borrowed and something bleu!” Oh and did I mention you get to keep this amazing piece of art! That’s right, they give you a second complimentary/complementary stunt double (if you will) to be thrown to the crowd.

Here are some garters that will truly make you say…OH MY GARTER!

Dream Big.

Shout out to Mrs. Tsang for passing along Bleu Garters to Intertwined!