Wedding Wednesday: Orglamic Bling!

Over the past three weeks I’ve covered stationary, dresses and reception décor, but we haven’t waved our eco-friendly wand on one little thing – bling, baby, bling! That’s right it’s easy to go green with even the most luxe (and fun!) aspect of your wedding day. With a little thought, everything from your bridal jewelry to your hubby’s wedding bands can be planet-conscious without dulling down the gasp factor.
Taking the earth into consideration when choosing a wedding band is simple. Using recycled metals and even precious stones, there are many vendors with great pieces that will make you feel great every time you look at them (and not just because they symbolize your everlasting love.)

If you want some more party-friendly jewels to spruce up your down-the-aisle look, browse these jewelry companies that repurpose vintage items into gorgeous baubles.

And because your groom and groomsmen may want to get in on the fun too, consider environmentally friendly cuff links. A quick web search will yield tons of options, but the following below are extra-unique: a moustache design for the hipster in your life, one made from old sporting stadium seating for your jock, and even old fossils incorporated for your braniac.

Hopefully this orglamic bling will add a little spring in your step on your big day, with both the gorgeousness that you’ll be exuding AND the fact that you are being a responsible consumer. Be sure to check back here next week for my final guest post – eco-friendly honeymoons galore!


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