Wedding Wednesday: ‘Orglamic’ Dresses!

This week let’s tackle one of the most stressful (yet most exciting!) pieces of the wedding puzzle – wedding dresses! Whether you want custom-made or vintage, city-chic sleek or princess pouf, there are endless ways to make sure that this oh-so-crucial element of your big day is eco-friendly.

There are several gorgeous wedding dress designers that use earth-conscious materials to create their gowns. Adele Weshler offers individually hand-cut dresses made out of organic hemp and silk blends that are dyed with vegetable dyes in one of my favorite eco-friendly collections.

Another top eco-designer, Deborah Lindquist, offers a bridal collection that includes everything from couture-inspired designs to bustier tops and column skirts made of hemp, silk and beyond.

Nicole Lenzen also does one-of-a-kind custom bridal wear out of eco-friendly fabrics, so you can let your imagination run wild (or ‚Äòborrow’ a look from a non-eco designer) for your walk down the aisle.

Another way to go green during your white wedding is to wear a previously purchased wedding dress. There are so many dresses out there that have been worn once and are in excellent condition, or even better yet have never been worn at all (you can thank the indecisive brides who bought several dresses later!) This is a great way to not only lessen your carbon footprint, but you may also find that designer dress that was out of your budget for a fraction of the price. My two favorite websites for this are and Both sites offer a wide variety of dresses in every price range and their search options are easy to maneuver, making this a really fun way to shop from your couch.

Happy orglamic dress hunting ladies – until next week!