Wedding Wednesday: ‘Orglamic’ Stationery!

I’m super excited that the fab gals at Intertwined have asked me to share with you some of the ways to make your very special wedding day more eco-friendly. Don’t worry, I won’t be suggesting skimping on toilet paper and serving hemp seeds for dessert – instead, over the next five weeks, I’ll be giving you tips on little changes that will have a big impact, as well giving you info on some of my favorite ‚Äòorglamic‘ vendors.



Let’s start off my by tackling one of the first things a bride-to-be has to do, after picking a wedding date is sending out save-the-dates. If you want to save a bit of green while going green (remember that little thing called a budget?) there are a bunch of websites that offer electronic save-the-dates. My personal favorites are and with designs rivaling the best printed invite, but a quick google search will yield you dozens of other options as well.


If you still want to go the traditional paper route, the eco-chic stationers listed below make it easy to go green with a wide range of gorgeous offerings. Whether your going for classic one-of-a-kind letterpress or a funky, modern look, features like soy-based inks, recycled ribbons and chlorine-free 100% recycled paper make each of these options winners.