Wedding Wednesday: Orglamic Wedding Planning 101

If you’ve been reading my Wedding Wednesday posts for the last couple of weeks, you are already well on your way to having some eco-inspired elements to your big day. But as everyone knows, it doesn’t matter how gorgeous your invites or dress are if your wedding ceremony and reception miss the mark when it comes to décor.

Décor not only makes a huge statement on you and your hubby’s styles, but it also helps set the tone for the entire event. Luckily there are a million and one ways to express yourself once you take these Orglamic tips into account:
–Use centerpieces that can double as party favors. Potted succulents or lavender plants make luxurious and in-style options.
–If you insist on using fresh cut flowers then use flowers that are in season and can be bought locally. Nothing is less green than having fresh flowers flown across the globe because you absolutely have to have that type…hellooo Bridezilla!
–Use candles with organic soy-based wax as opposed to petroleum-based wax.
–Suggest to guests (or just your closest friends) that they take home candles and centerpieces at the end of the event, so that they avoid ending up in the trash.
–Don’t use disposable items for food and drinks. Use proper plates, glasses, napkins and even cocktail napkins, will not only eliminate landfill waste, but they are super classy as well.

–Make your party favors consumable to avoid them being tossed by the guest as soon as they get home. And think about it, who really wants a picture frame or other tchotchke lying around the house to remember YOUR special day?! I love the idea of Nicobella organic truffles as favors.

Remember, the sky is the limit once youstart thinking out of the box and more about the globe! ‘Till next week, my brides-to-be…


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