Wedding Wednesday: Registry Wish Comes True!

Presents. Oh the glorious excitement that is a present. Anticipation, joy, surprise and desire all wrapped up with a pretty little bow and it has your name on it!

I was riding in the car with my friends on the way to a birthday dinner when this topic arose. They all excitedly told me how they build their lists for family and friends for holidays, birthdays, events! I was in awe. Wait…hold up just a second…you make a list, check it twice, add in the actual website link with size and color and send out to people – isn’t that like a registry? They all nodded enthusiastically in agreement.

One of my friends, newly married at that, explained to me as though I were in 2nd grade (which to be fair was necessary) that it makes it easy for her loved ones to make her happy. No guess work, no searching, and she ensures she gets just what she was looking for. I can appreciate that, however, I think it takes some fun out of the gift giving and getting process – the effort and surprise!
However, if you are into that whole getting just what you always wanted (every time) thing or better yet, you are a bride that refuses to be limited to just one storefront, Wishpot is your new best friend.
This free service allows you to create multiple wish, gift and shopping lists‚Äîincluding bridal and baby registries‚Äîfrom products all over the web! You can even add their Wishpot widget to your browser, and toss items onto your wish lists whenever you stumble across that “I-Die” item! (Thanks for sending this our way!)
Dream Big. Register Everywhere!