Wedding Wednesday: Royal Trends Part III

A great way to give back to aworld tha has given you this wonderful love, bond, and lifetime of happiness you are about to embark upon with your fiancé, is funding those in need and sharing your love with the world.

The now Duke and Duchess of Cambridge featured a charity registry in lue of wedding gifts, what a wonderful wedding trend, we at Intertwined Events truly hope catches like wildfire!They had five different charities that their guests could choose to support in their honor. The wedding couplechose these charities carefully. Each charity resembles the experiences, passions, and values of their lives so far. They even created a webpage people from all over could donate to their charity of choice. The couple hoped that by doing this they could make a community impact (not just a media frenzy) from the Royal Wedding.

Be apart ofa truly giving trend/tradition on your wedding day! And just know, how great will it feel to donate those two extra toasters and espresso machines to someone in need!

Looking for other ways to give back as part of your wedding day celebration – check out this post on donating in your guests’ honor, too!

Dream Big.