Wedding Wednesday: Ruffles!

In the past few weeks we have tackled the tougher sides of wedding planning, so today we are focused on the softer side – RUFFLES!

From heels to cakes, dresses to florals and even an industry (and might I add one of our) favorite blog inspired by the like, Ruffles can be just the right touch of soft, sweet, vintage, or chic. You decide as we share with you some of our wedding must-haves all infused with Ruffles!

Let’s start with the dress (photographed by Jose Villa)!

Shoes…you know my obsession with shoes, and even though I am not getting married I have already come up with a good number of excuses of why I NEED these ruffled wonders:

This Cake – there are no words that are grand enough to describe my love for this cake or to Sweet & Saucy Shop for creating it!

Flowers can be naturally ruffled and so soft looking they practically exude romance!

Found on Ruffled Blog:
And speaking of…One of our favorite reads is Ruffled Blog! They are the epitome of stylish vintage and we love their easy to follow DIY projects and awesome free templates! Amanda, the creative genius behind Ruffled says it best, “Ruffled celebrates the savvy vintage bride with a collection of witty perspectives and clever ideas to inspire your unique style that is so totally you. We’re a reflection of our readers – smart sassy and hip to the latest trends with a hint of sophistication.”
Ok, now with all these visions of ruffles dancing in your head, are you thinking of incorporating the soft, sweet touch of this textured fabric in your wedding? Let us know!
Dream Big.