Wedding Wednesday: Scrapbooking 2.0!

There’s something about a scrapbook that trumps a regular photo album. Maybe it’s the way the personal notes help you remember an inside joke, or how carefully placed souvenirs and postcards take you right back to that beach in Cancun last summer.

Whatever the case, the Internet has taken the heart out of sharing photos with your friends. I love that I can post photos to Facebook and have my friends on the East Coast see them immediately, but it’s still disappointing when those photos just don’t seem to do the memories justice. It’s worse when those not-quite-captured moments happen to be of your wedding day.

Meet Vuvox‚Äîsocial media’s equivalent to a scrapbook, and a busy bride’s best friend. Vuvox is a free online service that allows you to create “collages” or “studios” of photos and videos and music, and then lets you easily embed them to your Facebook and Twitter or send them to all of your friends! You can link to other websites on Vuvox and easily edit your photos.

Vuvox is the perfect way to bring those memories of your wedding, reception and honeymoon to life. Now you can have a video of your adorable ring bearer dancing with your flower girl next to the still photos of you and your hubby smooching on the beach at sunset. Add background music of your favorite tunes, personal notes, and fun websites to link to—and voilá! Virtual scrapbook.

Plus, (you know I’m always thinking of planning), Vuvox is a great tool to help visualize your theme before your big day. Post inspirational photos, color swatches, and music mixes without the hassle of carrying around a binder, and you can update instantly as you change your mind!

The best part? It’s easy to use. The website is interactive and provides plenty of tips for personalizing your collage.

So quit selling your wedding short—now your memories can be as spectacular as the day itself.

Dream Big.