Wedding Wednesday: Shades of Grey

We’ve all been told the world isn’t black and white. From interpreting speed limits to sending mixed-signal text messages to drinking two glass of wine at dinner, we’ve all dabbled in what we like to call the “gray” area. Interior design has traded white for its shadier cousin‚Äîwhy not take a cue and revamp your wedding?

Whether you’re looking to set off a bright color for an irresistible “pop” or stick to a cooler palette, gray is the perfect accent to put a modern twist on traditional black and white. It looks great in stationery, bouquets, place settings, and suits‚Äîor if you’re really bold, dresses. It’s adventurous but not overzealous.

Best part? It shows you’re a gal who’s confident enough to try new things without straying too far from her traditional roots. Now that’s fierce.

Here are some picks of our favorite grays that show it’s a perfect match with every color of the rainbow:

Gray Tux

Dream Big (in shades of grey!)