Wedding Wednesday: The Confetti!

Having the perfect wedding isn’t about perfection. It’s about taking the ordinary details and making them extraordinary.

Bear with me for a moment.

Take confetti, for instance. We know it’s been out-of-date since the 90s, except for those cards Grandma sends you each year with the multi-colored birthday cakes bursting out of the envelopes. But it’s about to make a comeback.

We’re obsessed with companies like Confetti System, an artist duo taking everyday objects like tissue paper and cardboard and transforming them into masterpieces. Say good-bye to reducing confetti to something that is thrown at your backs when you exit‚Äîit can now be the focal point of your reception (besides you of course!).

Check out some of our favorite projects by Confetti System below. Exquisite designs like these will make your reception one to remember!

Dream Big.