Wedding Wednesday: THE GIFTS!

Okayyyy…its Wedding Season and you have most likely attended at least 3 weddings by now and have a few more to go and are running low on ideas and especially funds for your nearest and dearest friends as they tie the knot. Do not worry my darlings, we are here to help with some fun ideas for Wedding Gifts that say I really care (without breaking the bank!)

A beautiful set of hand engraved champagne flutes with (wait for it) THE TREE OF LOVE etched in an intricate design just might do the trick! Ok, it can’t get any sweeter than that and with a price tag of less than $50 we love this romantic touch. Find it on Etsy from DayDreemDesigns:

Now, for those friends with a more regal or classic taste there is nothing more timeless than the monogram but towels are so, well, Lands End (not that I didn’t love my monogramed backpack in 3rd grade – thanks mom!) So, update that look with these stylish pillows with his and hers initials from Alexandra Ferguson (start at $69)

For the Uber-organized couple, this “One-day-at-a-Time” notepad from Russel and Hazelis a fun way to remind them to enjoy each other and their love every day. Pair it with a beautiful pen or a custom address stamp (find on and you have a lovely gift!

For a bit more of a splurge and for those winos we all know and love there is always the gift of the Wine of the Month Club! So, not only have you given them a wedding gift but each month (for as many as you choose) they will continue to get a gift from you! Loves it! Here is one option for those in the Cali area:

Whatever gift you choose for your friends, remember they are just happy you are joining them in the celebration of their love so don’t stress and enjoy this happy time with them!

Dream Big.