Wedding Wednesday: The Life Styled!

We met so many fabulous people at Utterly Engaged’s “Snap, Crackle, Pop!” Party we are still positively giddy over it!

One such vendor caught our eye as she simply oozes style – as well she should – as the owner and sought after stylist behind The Life Styled! And thus, Catherine Sheppard is our newest industry crush!
“Specializing in helping clients create and elevate their own personal style, The Life Styled gives you the tools you need to make deliberate choices in what you wear to show the world your most magnificent self and attract the life you dream of living.”
Ok so where do I sign up!? My closet is practically begging for Catherine’s touch of Fashion Feng Shui and eye for that “just-right piece” to complete your look!
And of course, she specializes in Bridal Styling, helping with everything from dress and accessory choices, to delighting bridesmaids with looks that really do flatter all, to ruling in those unruly groomsmen so everyone, even his frat brothers look, dare I say, polished!
And don’t let location detour you. If you are not located here in SoCal…don’t you fret, she can style you virtually – oh the varied and fabulous uses of technology!
Of all the awesome services that are available to you as you are planning your most special day – don’t forget about styling to bring your dream look together to ensure that not only your love but your look is timeless!
Dream Big!