Wedding Wednesday: The Office

I am so honored to be helping one of my best friends from college plan her wedding! She and her fiance are both attorneys. As you can imagine, they spend quite a bit of time at theiroffices and were unsure if they were obligated to invite their co-workers to their wedding. It was such a great question, that I am sure applies to many of you. That is whywe have dedicated today’s Wedding Wednesday post toOfficeEttiquette: To Invite or Not Invite?
Usually there is no real obligation to invite anyone from the office unless you regularly socialize with them in non-work functions or settings. However, you can invite your immediate boss (never hurts!) especially if it is a mentor or someone you have worked with for a significant amount of time, but again no pressure.
Please remember, though, that the more you discuss the wedding and the planning, the higher the expectation will be of those around you – regardless of ifits co-workers or friends. When discussingyour upcoming nuptials (as you are likely to get many questions with that brilliant shiny new thing on your finger)at the office be sure to use language like “an intimate affair,” “small wedding,” “just immediate family and close friends.” This will keep most people at the office from assuming it’s a grand affair and that theywerethe only one left off the guest list.
We hope this answers the questionof “DoI HAVE to invitemy co-workers?”.
What are your thoughts? Are you inviting your colleagues out of obligation? Did you not include co-workers as guests at your wedding and wish you had?
Dream Big.