We are constantly asked by our clients, “What is appropriate when tipping vendors?”. While there are no hard and fast rules, and no vendor expects to receive a tip, it is always nice to give something to those vendors you worked closely with or who went the extra mile to ensure your perfect day!

Here are some basic ‘tips’ on tips!

Hairstylist/Make-up Artist: Tipping of the Hairstylist and Make-up Artist is expected and should be given at the end of your service. Typical tipping ranges 15-20% like in a normal hair solon.

Photographer/Videographer: It is not expected to tip your photographer or videographer, but if they do an exceptional job or don’t own the studio you can consider tipping $50-200 per vendor. This tip can be given at the end of the reception.

Wedding Ceremony Officiant: If your officiant is affiliated with a place of worship, it is always niceto give a donation to the organization; amounts rage from $100-$350.You may consider anoptional tip of $50-100 for a nondenominational officiant. The Best Man can deliver the tip at the end of the rehearsal dinner on your behalf.

Wedding Reception Band or DJ: Tipping the musicians at your reception is completely optional; however, if you are really happy with the job they did and how closely they followed your playlist then consider $20-25 per musician, and for DJs $50-$150; this is given at the end of the reception.

Catering/Venue Coordinators: as is customary there is a standard 15-20% tip on the food and beverage fee; however, it is also very nice to tip the Catering Captain and Venue Coordinator for all of theirassistance and execution of yourperfect day as they do not receive part of the amount on your original catering bill. Amounts range from $100-$300 each, depending on their involvement and the amount of your final bill.

Wedding Transportation: Depending on your contract is it expected to tip the transportationas you would any limo ortowncar driver.

Wedding Planners: Hopefully, your wedding planner has been your closest confidant and biggest fan through your wedding planning process. They have helped you plan every detail and offered the best advice from vendor selection to linen colors. They are usually the first ones to arrive and the last ones to leave and make it their sole purpose to produce yourdream. If this is the case wethink a tip is a nice gesture to say thank you! Take into consideration how many assistants/coordinators will be on site when tipping.If they are worthy, tips should start at $100 per person with more given to your lead planner.

Keep in mind a tip doesn’t have to be a monetary amount – a tip can be a gift certificate to a nice restaurant, a meaningful gift or a pedicure…if you really got to know your vendors and you have the perfect little something to thank them, go with your gut – a personal gift is always a nice gesture!

From all of us in the wedding industry, thank you for your business and your gratiuty! We are all very honored to be a part of someones Wedding Day (tip or no tip!).


The Ladies of Interwined Events