Wedding Wednesday: Treat your Guests

I know your wedding is YOUR big day, but your guests are there to share in that most special moment with you, too. Don’t they deserve better than predictable chicken?

A wedding is not just a celebration, it is an outing. It is chance for everyone to dress in their very best to delight in the very best event, the joining of two hearts! That is a big deal.

So why for this grand fete is the food so, well, not grand. At most tastings we have been to lately, we are seeing the same offerings. But since your guests are spending a night out on the town with you, why not treat them to some tasty treats or surprise with them with delicious delicacies?

Some suggestions you ask? Well of course we have some…

Bread art beats out a bread basket.

We love a grilled ceaser salad over a house.

Or what about soup service in an organic form?

Options abound, so if you are feeling creative or daring just remember to ask your caterer “for the specials!”

What are some unique catering ideas you have seen and loved?

Dream Big.