When your guests arrive to your wedding destination, they are most likely going to be exhausted, jet lagged and ready for a drink and a shower.Makean immediate impression (and a great one too)by welcoming your friends and family with a little something waiting for them in their room.It will most certainly bring a smile to the faces of even the most weary traveler!

Welcome gifts act as a way to demonstrate how appreciative you are for your guests traveling and as a way to get them excited for your wedding! Many couples will shy away from doing a welcome gift because of the price tag; however, welcome gifts do not have to be expensive at all! Some of the best welcome gifts are a small cake or cookie assortment from your favorite bakery, or a traditionalfood item that is unique to the area in which you are getting married!

If you have a bigger budget, you can do a gift basket that welcomes your guests to the area and to you two as a couple! For a tropical wedding having a basket filled with a towel, flip-flops, snacks, sunscreen, underwater camera, snorkeling vouchers, etc!

Whatever your welcome gift, remember to pick travelable packaging and, the most important part – having a great, handwritten, and heartfelt welcoming note!

Have you given or received a welcome gift? What was your favorite surprise treat?


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