DIY is simply all the rage right now. Every other blog post I read, in and outside of the Wedding industry, is all about what and how you can DO IT YOURSELF and convincingly, with precious pictures, shows you just how simple, quick, and affordable it can be to build your own cake stand, create custom party favors or god-forbid, redo your bathroom.

But, when is D.I.Y. more like D.I. – DIE?!

Here is a simple checklist to help you figure out if your time and effort would be better spent hiring an expert to create your perfect (fill in blank here!).

1. Time – be honest with how much of this precious commodity YOU and those around you that your project would require help from, really have to dedicate. If you are already working a 50-60 hour work week and the weekends are your only time to accomplish life’s regular tasks, major wedding DIY projects are not for you (or your dear friends!)

2. Cost – while the supplies indicated may seem minimal, please do not forget that your TIME (see above) is also money. What do you think your hourly rate would be and then add that into the equation. As well, be sure to really look at the project to find any hidden supplies that the instructor assumes you have lying around your house because you are just as crafty as they are and have an entire supply room dedicated to scrapbooking, sculpting and gardening in your spare time!

3. Skill Set – are you naturally a crafty person? Do you love a good challenge with a glue gun or cutting specialty paper just to size? Do you get all twitterpated (love that word, thanks Bambi!) at the idea of decorative accoutrements or restoring vintage (read: garage sale finds) to greatness? If this is you, than DIY is a perfect match. If not, hire a professional!

4. Value – now, having TRUTHFULLY answered the above three questions, what kind of product will you end up with once you have dedicated time, money and your skills to this project? Will your end result be as fabulous as you dreamed or a far cry from the picture on the screen and you will still have to end up hiring someone for that item, possibly last minute, costing even more? If you cannot picture it, and you aren’t big on follow through, please cut yourself some slack, honor that which you are fabulous at (in this case, recognizing talent and a great deal) and hire someone!

Ok, for the sake of admitting that I sound completely anti-DIY, there are some incredible people that are amazingly talented at creating their own masterpieces and custom décor. Just play around and you will see what I mean. But, you need not feel guilty, bad, gluttonous or under-achieving if that person is not you. You may, indeed be saving time and money by going with a skilled expert ensuring you get exactly what you wanted and have always dreamed of for your big day.

Now, kick back, relax, enjoy a glass of bubbly and let somone else do all the hard work!

Dream Big.