Wedding Wednesdays! – DIY Coffee Books

Wednesdays are quickly becoming our favorite time of the week. Why, you ask…because we get to think, talk and write all about our favorite finds in the wedding biz! Loves it!

This week we are excited to present the DIY Coffee Table Book to display all of your gorgeous engagement, wedding or honeymoon photos. Do not let all of those pictures of you looking your most radiant go to waste! Display them for all to see, or at least for you to gaze upon every time you come home from a long day at the office and relive the most brilliant day of your life.

Go to My Publisher and you can have a high quality, professional coffee table book of your very own pictures for $30 to $70. They make it easy and fun. They boast 10 different book styles and more than 200 layouts to choose from. You can even create calendars, postcards and greeting cards. Go crazy.

Happy publishing!

The Intertwined Team