Wedding Wednesdays: Filming your Wedding?

Great question, Leela. Thanks! At Intertwined Weddings, we receive this question from our couples often. Is it necessary? Will I really watch the video again? Will I regret not having it? All great questions. Here are ourtwo cents on the matter.
If you have the budget, we think it’s great to film your special event as it allows you to enjoy the occasion from a whole new vantage point, one where you are not center stage and in the middle of all the action. You can see all the details, guests, and enjoy the emotions ofit all over again in a way pictures can’t quite convey. As well, some couples create a tradition with their video watching it on their anniversary each year. Further, it can be a wonderful piece of family legacy to pass on to your children and grandchildren, to see your wedding day – to see the moment their family started. I know I would have loved to see my parents wedding day on film!
Now, all that being said, if it’s not in the budget, do not sweat it! This is still a nice to have, not a need to have (in our opinion). And there are great alternatives. Ask a friend with a video camera to lend their services! Or, (my personal favorite) invest in a flip camera (you know it will get great use on that honeymoon vacation!) and ask guests to pass it around and capture the day. You will get a very candid and fun depiction of your big day!
What are your thoughts? Did you film your wedding? Do you wish you had? Let us know and help Leela decide for her big day!
Dream Big.


Photo Credit: MitchellDyerPhotography