Wedding Wednesdays: Flowers as Art!

I was reminded this past weekend of the true beauty of flowers and why they are included in every occasion from weddings and birthdays to anniversaries and the all important first date. They are beautiful and special, fragrant and refreshing and always say, “This moment is special!”

My ma came up to LA to spend a day with me. We of course went shopping. Well, with my budget these days (thanks to an unfortunate need for car repairs, ugh!), mostly window shopping on the West Side. That is when we came across one of my favorite shops, FLORAL ART. It is a small boutique and design shop in artsy Abbot Kinney but it is so light and bright and filled with the most gorgeous flowers you can’t help but want to spend hours.

Exhausted from a day of play with Mom, I came home to relax on the couch with my latest favorite, Traditional Home magazine and guess who was featured…owner of Floral Art, Jennifer McGarigle. I am immediately drawn to her story as she founded her floral business at the age of 23! Love it! And, her mantra that, “living with flowers is a commitment to being present and in the moment – all year round.” (saving this for a future post…brilliance!)

Jennifer offers 10 tips for decorating with flowers that I share with you on this fabulous Wedding Wednesday. We hope it inspires you to enjoy the moment and pick your favorite flowers to celebrate your most special day.
1. Seasonal Centerpieces– will lend a balanced blend of traditional and environmental, bringing the outdoors in
2. Singular Impact – the pop of a monochromatic floral arrangement in any room is dramatic and fresh
3. Mirrored Containers – for added sparkle in a traditional space, antique mirrored boxes can give the perfect effect (we also love the super glam feel of the high shine!)
4. Extraordinary Orchids – when decorating with orchids, group the same variety and color together for added effect
5. Accessories with Flower Power – simple, modern, in neutral tones and materials are best when creating eclectic arrangements
6. Flowers as Art – striking, graphic photos of flowers in color or b&W offer an artful way to bring blooms into any setting
7. Edible Entertaining – fresh nasturtiums or pansies beautifully adorn a salad or an appetizer tray (we also love them as cocktail garnish or frozen into ice cubes for extra drama!)
8. Vase Selection – Ensure that you choose the proper vase for each surface. Rectangular and square vases look best on rectangular tables. For round tables, you guessed it round vases or square will work
9. Easy and Eye-catching – For instant Zen, float white blossoms (orchids work well) in a simple glass bowl filled with water
10. A Lot for a Little – Get a great vase with a small opening. You won’t have to use a lot of flowers, which will save money but still manage to impress

May the art of flowers be yours!
Dream Big.