Wedding Wednesdays: Garden Parties!

Garden weddings and parties are a common spring occurrence. Of course, the ladies of Intertwined, with just a few simple tips will have youhopping from garden to gardenelegantly and seemingly, effortlessly.
Garden weddings are beautiful but but by their nature (literally, nature) they are outdoors which means you mustarrive prepared for walking in the grass, sitting in the sun, encountering the occasional spring shower, and of course looking the part of dressed up for the event but not dressed out for a night on the town.

Taking all of this into consideration, we recommend the following for your dress choices:

? Embrace the beautiful pastel(lighter and cooler) colors ofspring

? Floral prints are everywhere right now and are just the right amount of dressed up

? Pretty details like bows, draping, buttons and eyelet give you the standout looks you crave

? Simple, small patterns are flattering and feminine on every figure

(All three dresses available at

Remember that a sun hat can most definitely look gorgeous and sophisticated when incorporated into your outfit. Don’t put yourself in the position where your only options are a burnt nose, baseball cap or hiding indoors.

Grab any of these fab toppers from Anthropologie and you will be ‘royaly’ ready for any outdoor affair:

We were feeling so inspired that we even came up with some full ensembles, just to make the Garden Wedding obstacle course that much easier for you to navigate.
Light linens + Wedges or flatsthat won’t sink + a straw bag + delicate earrings = Stunningly Springtime!
Dream Big.