Wedding Wednesdays: Garland!

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?Warm kitchens bursting with tantalizing treats, cozy fireplaces crackling in the background of family gatherings, a new pair of boots bought shamelessly on holiday shopping sprees; a glass of red wine by candelight to unwind after a long day.

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I love everything holiday (especially presents!), but my favorite part about this time of year are the seasonal decorations. Not the gaudy ones oozing out of grocery store aisles in the form of lawn gnomes and ugly cards, but the ones that I come home to—garland and wreaths and lights that inevitably brighten my day.


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You know how I feel about DIY, but for some reason I keep running across gorgeous ideas I simply can’t pass up this holiday season. Right now I’m obsessing over these paper garlands‚Äîpieced together from scraps of lace, pages of your favorite book, postcards and pretty doilies to create beautiful designs.

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String them with lights or cut out meaningful shapes for whimsical strands that intertwine the holiday and wedding spirit. Just seeing them snatches up my inner DIY scrooge, and they’re the perfect way to add a touch of handmade fabulous-ness to your big day.

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I give in. After all, ‘tis the season.

Dream Big.