Wedding Wednesdays: Making it kid-friendly!

If you are planning on inviting the little ones to your wedding, we encourage you to plan ahead. Just a few small touches will make all the difference for the children and their parents so that all can an enjoy your big day! Here are some of our favoritetips to make your wedding as kid-friendly and fun for thewee-onesas possible!

For starters, create the “Fun Table”! A) the grown ups will be really jealous, and B) the kids willhave somewhere where the entertainment is constant. At the Fun Table, have coloring books and crayons, disposable cameras, bubbles, Play Doh, props, basically anything fun! In addition, have a kid friendly menuoption just for them- serve chicken fingers, burgers, or pizza to insure that the kids will enjoy their meal and won’t be bugging mom and dad! And, a kids table doesn’t have to ruin the décor of your wedding either, just have fun with your color palette!

In addition, having a fun element as an activity that the adults can enjoy too is a great way to incorporate the kids! Create a candy bar “Candy Land” for them to walk through and gather candies into goodie bags! A candy bar is enjoyed by all ages, and the kids will be amazed and mesmerized by the huge amount of candy (and it’s not even Halloween, yet!!) Candy and toys also make for fun party-favors that are just for the lil guys! How neat!

Lastly, if there a good number of young children (under the age of10)that will be in attendance,set upa sitting service to allow the small children somewhere to go and hang out or hit the hayoncethe cake has been cut (it is mostdefinitely near their normal bed time by this point!)The children will be tantrum-free at the event, get to hang out with thecool, new babysitterand the parents will get toenjoy a couple hours to party with adult-folk!Win-win! (Note: Hotels are great at accomodating such requests)

Having a kid-friendly wedding adds an element of whimsical fun and family spirit that people of all ages can enjoy!


The Ladies of Intertwined Events