Wedding Wednesdays: The Color Wheel!

Brides, are you having a hard time picking the perfect accent colors for your wedding. Just take a spin on the color wheel to help you decide. It’s as easy as picking complimentary colors adjacent to your prominent color selection.

If you are feeling particularly daring (loves it), opposites attract. Go across the wheel from your color and find its match. (Or use all of them!)

(Photo Credit: Appeared in Inspired By This, designed by Momental Designs shot by @DanielLanton)
If you think your color choice might be too bold, you can always pick a more subtle or muted version of the electric blue or screaming orange by picking a powder blue or peach.

Have fun and let your eye be your guide. Simply go to the color you are drawn to first and move around the wheel from there!

PS: This advice works well if you are designing a color scheme for an event or redesigning a room.

Dream Big (and in Color!)