What I love most about being an Entrepreneur…

A few months ago I was asked a series of questions regarding what I loved most about being an entrepreneurfor a publication for women business owners. First, I was thrilled at the word entrepreneur! When you start out, all you think about it is making it from one day to the next, you dont necessarily realize you have made a decision to be an entrepreneur.

It was such a joy for me to stop and think about all the amazing things (big and small, especially small) thatcome with owning your own company that I wanted to share it with you. Those of you that are in this industry orown a small businessknow how easy it can be to get caught up in the stressofit all – but there is so much reward that comes with it too! Here isa glimpse into just some of the many reasons I love getting up every morning to go to work for Intertwined Events!

What do you love most about being an entrepreneur or working for yourself?

I love that I am doing what I love every day – event planning- and that I decide how and when I am doing it. There is a definite sense of freedom (and responsibility) that comes with knowing you set the terms of how much you will give and when and knowing that all you give (which is usually everything you have every day) goes to further your vision and your dream.

What benefits must you receive in order to make it all worthwhile?

There is quite a great deal of work and the rewards may seem small to an outsider but they are great gains to a business owner. For me personally, benefits that make all the hard work worthwhile include:

• a schedule I control Рmore balance in my life between work and play sometimes even work as play!

• a satisfied customer who thanks us for bringing their dream to life

• a referral is always a wonderful benefit of hard work and a fabulous compliment

• progress- feeling like you are doing more than the previous year, quarter or even day. If I am growing and learning than I, and the company as a whole, is benefitting.

Have these answers changed over time for you? Would you have answered them differently when you started?

Yes, in the beginning I would have been quick to jump to say that the benefits were based purely on profit, tax write-offs and clients and the more of each of those I had the greater the benefit for taking the risk of venturing out on your own. But there is so much more to owning your own business than just the financial gain and security of knowing that tomorrow I can’t get laid off. The biggest lesson I have learned is that I (and our team at Intertwined) have an unparalled work ethic and when I was working for others it either went unnoticed or was severely taken advantage of. Now that I work for myself I reap all the rewards of all the long hours and hard work and so do our clients and that feels tremendous.

What do you love most about what you do?

Dream Big.

Photo Credit: Brittany Rene Photography