What the tweet?

What’s the social networking site that has the online community chirping? Twitter that is! This uber-popular micro-blogging site allows you to “tweet” about what you’re doing and seeing all day, every day. To help our readers navigate and use this social utility to a greater extent, here are just few of our favorite Twitter tools. Let us know your favorites too!

1. TweetDeck: TweetDeck breaks down your twitter feeds into more manageable bite sized pieces. You can sort your feeds into topics, or group specific columns allowing a broader overview of tweets.

2. TwitPic: TwitPic bridges to your camera phone and allows you to share photos on Twitter. (@DaveJMatthews, yes the real Dave Matthews, always posts some funny pics of himself via this application, check it out).

3. Qwitter: Find out who stopped following you and what you posted that prompted the severance. Nothing is secret on the Internet!

4. TweetBeep: It’s described as the Google Alerts of Twitter. This is a great tool to keep track of your twitter reputation. Find out who’s talking about you, your brand, company, event etc.!

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