What Your Event Planner Wish You Knew!

Do you ever find it difficult to communicate your needs to your event manager? Or know you want something, but they see it differently? We feel for you!

As planners, we know most of the time it’s the small details that really make a planner successful…and all those details come from the client!

Here are the things to think about and know when you go to your Event Planner:

1.) What type of event are you putting on? Are you throwing a wedding? Are you throwing a religious ceremony or a get down and have a good time type of wedding? Is it a corporate meeting? If so, define if you are educating your group, celebrating a victory or promoting a new product for them to sell…Think about the mission and the objectives behind the meeting. We, as your planners, can help you to detail them and figure out how to accomplish them, but it’s up to the client to decide what they are trying to accomplish.

2.) Who is your audience? How many people are coming, what is the attendee demographic, are they bringing guests, etc. The guest list can make or break your event as it determines your budget…Which brings us to Number 3.

3.) Budget….that awful term used to define how much money you are going to put into your event. Come up with a high and a low price on what you want to spend and allow your planner to figure out the best way to spend that money…they know how to negotiate and they can help you get more bang for your buck. In studies, it actually proves to be a financially smart decision to hire a planner! That’s right people, hiring a planner can actually SAVE you money!

4.) Location. We all here it’s about location, location, location – and that’s so true. Determining whether you want your event by the ocean or the mountains, in a church or a backyard, or a hotel vs. a convention center – the idea of your location needs to be defined.

After finalizing these details, your planner will know where to go from here. They will have the additional questions to ask, the resources to find and the tools you need. Coming from a planner, believe me when I say we have checklists for everything and will lead you in the right direction to host an event that’s one of a kind!

Continue to Elevate,