What Your Graphic Designer Wish You Knew!!!

One of my favorite blogs for decorating (yes, you can get a lot of inspiration for events from interior design) is http://www.brooklynlimestone.blogspot.com/. Well, not only does Stefanie have a fabulous personal blog, but she has an amazing design business – whether your looking for wedding invites, moving announcements or thank you cards, Sonicstef Design can create a unique, beautiful design! http://www.sonicstefdesign.com/

Here are some tips from the expert herself on what you should know prior to talking to your designer for your invites, cards, announcements, etc.

1.) Worth well more than a thousand words: The old saying goes ‚Äòa picture is worth a thousand words’. Well, think of your wedding stationery as million words. Guests learn a lot more than the basic information you include in the text. Your stationery suite is a wonderful way to create some guest anticipation of the event and give insight into your personality – all while delivering the important facts of where and when.

2.) Made from scratch: I’m often asked by my clients “What do other people do” for this and that. Starting from scratch can be liberating – go with it. And if you have already been to a hundred weddings and already know the answer to that question – forget everything you know! The best weddings are the ones that perfectly reflect the happy couple. Choosing designs that feel right to you, regardless of what other people do, is almost always the right thing to do.
3.) Concepts are good: I’ve always hated the word ‚Äòtheme’ – it conjures up some very bad imagery for me. I like the word ‚Äòconcept’ much better. A loose concept that gently guides you to a beautiful cohesive event is a good thing. There are just too many wonderful options not to limit the field a little. No idea what concept to select? Think of something that makes you happy – maybe it’s the chandelier earrings you’re selected to wear with your gown or the vintage hankie your grandmother has given you as your ‚Äòsomething old’. Tell your designer and you’ll be amazed at what we can come up with!

4.) Bigger isn’t always better: The text does not have to be large enough to read across the room! This isn’t a road sign. As long as it can be read, your guests will read what arrives in their mailbox. Go ahead; its okay the font is a little smaller.

5.) No, you don’t have to: I say this (or something like it) quite a bit. Yes, there are some rules of etiquette when it comes to weddings but ultimately, this is your day and you get the final say. Have fun with it!

If she sounds like she knows what she is doing, and she does, contact her today! http://www.sonicstefdesign.com/

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