What Your (my) Mom Wish You Knew…

I Am Your Biggest Fan; always was and always will be. No doubt, no insecurity, no question, no other way to go. Just believe it, know it, and live by it. I am your biggest fan. We agree on that and having agreed, let me just say that as your biggest fan I wish you knew just a few more little items than you already know.

Here they are:

Star Quality Attracts Fans; always has, always will. Fully human quality attracts friends, life time friends. Fully human quality is bathed in integrity, honesty, loyalty and reliability. Those of us who know, K. and my daughter M., know they definitely have star quality. I am not the first to note, however, that K. and M. are truly possessed of fully human quality. So, ladies, be sure to wisely find your friends.

You Need Friends More Than You Will Need Fans. Don’t get me wrong. Fans aren’t all that bad, now are they? In fact, fans are usually buckets of fun. They help us feel good about ourselves. They energize our actions. They make us want to succeed. We all need fans. But fans fade and friends fill. Friends fill you with their confidence, their trust, and their value of you. You may attract many fans over the years. You need only a few good forever friends. So, M., when I say I am your biggest fan, I wish you knew that I really mean I am your best friend; always was and always will be.

Best Friends are Really Fine but Moms are Better. I wish you knew, I wish I would have told you that the day I found out I was carrying you along with a briefcase full of work, I chucked the briefcase in the back of the car, cancelled all my clients for the day, did a little dance (ok a great big dance) and went shopping for daughter things! Then I called your dad and told him we were going to have our first child. I still am shopping for daughter things and still dancing at the thought of you; always have and always will. Mom’s are like that. We will do anything for our kids. But we wish you knew that although we will do anything for you, we know you are amazingly capable of doing everything for yourself. We thank you for giving up some of that cherished independence just to recognize that mom’s need to do things for their daughters. But I wish you knew that I am getting a bit older now so signing us both up for softball classes at the local community college; for the 60 mile Walk for the Cure through San Diego; for the adult soccer league; for hip hop dance lessons; for endurance training at the sports fitness center; and signing me up to organize the preparation and service of 4,000 meals as your ReCreation camp chef, may be winding down in the next few years. I’ll keep the Camp Chef job but please, I have precious little time left for scary sliding into home, face plants in front of the goal, blown out knees, and embarrassing moments in front of coaches young enough to be my grandchildren. Can I just spend time with you during your down time? Oh, wait! You have no down time. You won’t tolerate down time. Well, my dear Ms. M., that observation brings me to the main item I wish you always know…

Spending Down Time with Yourself is Rewarding. You will rule the world. You will be at the top of the mountain. You will get to the apex. Enjoy the journey to the destination. Take time to sit and look at what you accomplish. Savor it. Enjoy it. Breathe it in and then share it with your biggest fan and your best friend. Take a minute and then get back in the race. You will win it. I know you will. I am, after all, your biggest fan; always was, and always will be.

Oh, K., that goes for you as well!