What’s the color for 2010? Yep…it’s Turquoise

Last year M. talked about the color of the year for 2009 which was Mimosa. Well this year, Pantone, the color experts within the design industry, predicted turquiose to be the color of the year…and wow, am I excited about that! We are already working on one Tiffany Blue and Red wedding which I can’t wait to see in all it’s glory, but to know that there are others that will be using this color scheme throughout 2010 just makes me smile. The color is very sweet, and feminine, but elegant and sophisticated…it’s perfect to complinate the femininity and masculinity needed for a wedding.

Think of all the colors you can mix it with: red, purple, black, green, orange…the options are endless.

But don’t worry…if you and I aren’t on the same page and that’s not your favorite color of choice, Pantone has pointed out some other fabulous options you won’t be disappointed with!

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