Where Has the Year Gone? Celebrating a BIG Anniversary!

Intertwined celebrated it’s first “birthday” as an official company, and with all that was going on, we forgot to step back and look at the journey.

Although I would love to say we have made more progress than we actually have, I think that’s part of being a new business owner…you always want to do more, be more, become more. Then again, I also think that drive is what makes the most successful businesses successful.

There is a lot to think about when owning your own business (I’m reminded of this a lot as I start to prepare our taxes for the 1st time as a corporation!). This week I have found myself thinking a lot about this experience and what’s to come. About growing the business. About meeting and booking new clients. About understanding the industry and becoming a part of it.

Weddings are my primary focus these days – I can’t get enough of them. There is something SO different about planning a person’s big day, learning about them and their families and creating a unique event that they will love and cherish forever – it’s extremely different than a PR campaign, a corporate meeting or a marketing campaign. I treasure my clients and love that I have the ability to turn the wedding planning process into an experience, rather than a checklist of “to-do’s” ~ when, my clients leave enjoying their engagement and of course their wedding, I know it’s been a success.

As well, Intertwined has had a lot of success this year in social media marketing and strategizing. It’s something we love doing and have really learned to make it a part of our business and our client’s business. This opportunity has allowed us to meet some creative people who continued to inspire us throughout their campaigns.

2009 was great, but 2010 is going to be epic. We have so much in store for us already, and it’s only the 3rd week in January…The weddings we have booked so far are not only creative, full of love and enjoyable to plan, but they are literally all over Southern California – the opportunity to plan in completely unique environments is inspiring. We have a couple social media campaigns that are in process – the campaigns are historical and our involvement is valued. Most exciting, the opportunity to work with Leila from Be Inspired PR is something I’ve wanted since we began and am finally going for – I really hope it brings us to the next level and allows us to improve the business on a completely different level.

I’m excited, motivated and inspired by the start of 2010!

Take the time to look back and see where you have gone and where you are going…how do you feel about your journey?

Continue to Elevate,